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Topic: fine tuning problem

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    fine tuning problem

    Hi everybody.This is my problem:when i try to change the tunig of a sample with the slide on the midi mixer of gigastudio and then i play the song on my cakewalk sequencer ,the tune change in the first moment but when i restart the song the tune in giga studio come back at the original position.What i have to do to memorize the tune change?.Thanks from italy!!!!

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    Re: fine tuning problem

    My guess is that Cakewalk is probably \'resetting\' all controllers when you hit stop.

    That means that the tuning change you make using a controller is set to \'0\' when you hit stop and relocate to the beginning.

    In the sequencer I use there is an option which allows you to NOT reset some controllers. Maybe yours has this too. If it\'s just a global \'don\'t reset controllers on stop\' you may find you get hanging sustain pedalled notes, or mod wheel vibrato which isn\'t set to 0 when you hit stop. Just see what Cakewalk lets you do.

    The other thing you can do is edit the sequencer track and insert the tuning change into it at the beginning, so it\'s always there when you play back.

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