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Topic: A soundcard's affect?

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    A soundcard\'s affect?

    I recently bought a Lynx 2 soundcard and installed their WDM/GSIF drivers. I think my Giga audio sounds are much improved. Is this my imagination? Are the samples [digital] kept in digital when captured to audio. Is it only the D/A quality that I\'m hearing?
    I was certain that I heard small fluctuations in audio when done with my Delta, but now everything sounds much more pure.

    Is it my imagination?

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    Re: A soundcard\'s affect?

    A \"capture to wave\" bypasses the soundcard completely. It\'s all digital. Of course, to hear it you still need to play it through your soundcard and speakers. Nothing is as digital as it seems. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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