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Topic: Unity Note Question - Doug M.

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    Re: Unity Note Question - Doug M.

    Hi, Minnow, I\'m a little confused by your description. Are you editing the samples themselves to change the unity note? If so, I don\'t think that\'s really necessary. I just highlight all the regions, drag them to the new position, and then individually change each unity note in the sampler tab. I\'ve never noticed the samples moving around in the list on the left, if that\'s what you\'re describing. - Doug

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    Unity Note Question - Doug M.

    I think you may be right about changing the unity notes after shifting my bass up an octave, because simply moving the bass does not bring up E1 - B1. So, what would you suggest: make the shift in the keyboard mapping, then go into each sample and change say E1 to E2. When I do that, E1 nuzzles among the E2 samples but the original E1 still remains. First, am I on the right track, do I continue throughout all the samples, changing the E-2\'s to E-3\'s etc., and, should I be deleting the original after it\'s been moved. Thanks, you help is appreciated, Doug.

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