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Topic: clicks and pops in DP using giga

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    clicks and pops in DP using giga

    Hey guys,

    Well I messed around a bit but I\'m getting closer. I found that reducing the attenuation by 6db seemed to help a little and so did messing with the patch thru settings in the Basics menu in DP 3.1.1 (MAC G4). However, I\'m still having pops and clicks when I physically play or record a sequence into DP 3.1.1 with my Alesis QS6 keyboard.
    HOWEVER these pops and clicks DO NOT OCCUR during play back (therefore they are not recorded).

    They occur in two instances.
    1) when physically play two or more sustained pitches
    2) randomly when playing something with a lot of activity

    Could this be a polyphony problem? A connection problem? or a driver problem?

    Here is my hardware configuration in DP 3.1.1 on my MAC G4.
    sample rate: 4100
    samples per buffer: 2048 (I increased it to increase the bandwidth-thought it would help the clipping and popping. It seems less.)
    clock source: PCI-424 Internal
    monitor output: Analog 1-2
    configure interface: 2408 mk3
    Bank A: Analog
    Bank B: ADAT
    Bank C: Disabled (because nothing is connected to it right now)
    PCI use: Ins enabled 16, outs enabled 16, aprx: 4.29 MB per sec.

    Settings in my PC for giga studio:
    Hardware: Wavecenter PCI
    -lowered master attenuation to -12dB
    -polyphony is set to 160 (max)
    -transition voices to 80 (max)
    -bit depth is 24 bit just like in DP
    -Buffer is set to 4 MBYTES (increased it to see if audio break up would disapear)
    -sample rate 44100

    Should I still work with the DMA buffer settings? And where and how do you do this? Please give me the steps if you think this will help. Does a MAC have DMA settings or just a PC?

    So given my settings, what do you guys think is causing these clicks and pops when I play samples from my giga studio in DP using my QS6?

    Please help!!!! the more details the better.



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    Re: clicks and pops in DP using giga

    This sounds like the MIDI messages from the keyboard are getting to Giga twice: once directly from the keyboard, the second time from DP.

    The trick on a machine that has both Giga and the sequencer is to click the little keyboard icon near the four port icons. It should now blink red. Try that for kicks. In your configuration, Giga should now be silent. Click it again, the blinking stops and you should hear Giga again.

    But I doubt that\'s it.

    I think that MIDI pass-thru is enabled on DP, though it shouldn\'t be. I don\'t own DP, so I can\'t tell you how to turn it off. Hopefully you can find it in the manual/menus, or some other DP user can find it for you.

    Best of luck!

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    Re: clicks and pops in DP using giga

    A question: If you play one note, hold it for a while, then release it cleanly, do the pops happen at the start and end of the notes? Don\'t move any controllers for this test. If the answer is yes, it\'s likely a MIDI pass-thru issue. If no, it\'s likely something else.

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