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Topic: XP, MidiOverLan & Network

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    XP, MidiOverLan & Network

    Help!! XP MOL Network problem.

    I can’t get MidiOverLan to work properly.
    I am pretty sure it is due to the new XP installation on my GigaStudio machines.
    It had been running 100% on my old 98 SE set up.
    Can someone please help with my network setup? XP appears to be much more demanding than 98 SE with regard to addresses etc.
    Master PC running sequencer and six PCs running Giga

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    Re: XP, MidiOverLan & Network

    One thing I\'ve found to be helpful is being explicit with the port assignments. IOW, when you set where MOL listens for MIDI data, don\'t just say \"out there:\" I browse the network to the master computer and tell MOL, \"Listen for data coming from this machine.\" Once I do that everything works fine. Then again, I only have two machines, not six!

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    Re: XP, MidiOverLan & Network

    Thanks for the comments and advice.
    I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of a “Network Specialist” and will report on his success shortly.

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    Re: XP, MidiOverLan & Network

    I agree with setting up your connections for specific machines. I got some double MIDI messages otherwise.

    But there\'s a problem when you use the machine names if you use Internet Connection Sharing. I now used fixed IP addresses, and filter that way. It\'s perfect.

    The ICS problem is this: if you don\'t start your ICS machine first, then MOL can\'t find the machine names. MOL fails to connect the machines. So you shut everything down and start the ICS machine. Once booted, start your other machines. Unfortunately, MOL is now corrupted. I\'d jump through hoops like disabling and re-enabling the connections, re-booting and such before I would be back on line with MOL. A real PITA!

    But, like I wrote, using fixed IP addresses and IP filtering works perfectly, regardless of who boots first.

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