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Topic: NEW PC: Which components???

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    Re: NEW PC: Which components???

    Buying a computer is worse than buying a car. You\'re going to get so many variations that it might just give you a headache trying to sort out all the information!

    For what it\'s worth, my system is as follows:

    Case: Mid-tower

    Motherboard: ASUS A7N8X-DLX (you don\'t necessarily need te DLX \"deluxe\" model)

    RAM: 512MB (1GB is recommended these days, use brand name such as Corsair or Kingston)

    Video card: ATI Radeon 9000 PRO (128MB)

    Hard Drive: Maxtor 20GB hard drive (system & programs)
    Maxtor 40GB hard drive (audio files & samples)
    Western Digital has been recommended as well, and get the largest you can afford for your \"audio\" drive.

    Yamaha CD-R, CD-RW burner.

    Due to an old piece of MIDI hardware that has no Windows XP or 2000 drivers, I\'m still on Win98SE for the music side of things. No complaints, but there is a known issue with Win98 and memory over 1GB (or is it 512MB?) Since your getting all new stuff, I\'d recommend Windows XP.

    There is a \"good build your own\" article here ProRec.com and one somewhere at www.tomshardware.com
    which I found really helpful.


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    NEW PC: Which components???

    Dear all,

    I want to build a new PC. First question: Can one do it on ones own easily (and would anybody then, as soon as I do, be so free to help me out setting bios setup properly etc.)?

    Which components would you advise to get? From tower to fans to hard disk drives to burners to RAM etc. (I mean everything, if you don\'t mind to share).

    Which system: Win XP, 2000, whatever. Pentium, Athlon. How many Ghz. etc. etc. etc.

    How does one install two systems (if possible) on one computer (Win 98 -because I have an oasys soundcard- & the other)

    Thanks very much for any help in advance


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    Re: NEW PC: Which components???

    Oh. Forgot to say. It is meant as a musiccomputer only. For use with Giga-Sampler, Cakewalk SONAR & (which is the main reason for the new computer): VOCALOID, etc.

    I do own a Delta 66 already to use for audio recording. An EgosysGigastation with MidiAddon as Midi In-& out device is what I think about.

    warm regards


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    Re: NEW PC: Which components???

    Thanks for the response, Rob. Fortunately enough this month www.pcaudiolabs.com starts selling a DVD of \"how to build your computer on your own\". Right in time...

    thanks again


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