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Topic: 24 bit and security questions

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    24 bit and security questions

    Anybody know whether all of my 16 bit samples are going to be compatible with 3.0?

    Also, what is the security deal this time around? is it a pain in the a**?

    What about my Echo layla? it is GSIF, but not GSIF 2.0. Does that mean anything for me? [img]images/icons/rolleyes.gif[/img]

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    Re: 24 bit and security questions

    Hi Patrick,

    I seem to remember reading that GS3 is backwards compatible. I think it has to be! I\'d bet that it asks you if you want to update to the GS3 format, when you edit them though - just like going from GigaSampler libraries to GigaStudio libs. From my experience, that was flawless.

    I\'ve read that they will have updated their registration model. Hopefully that\'s what their web guys have been working on. They certainly weren\'t doing many updates over the past months, until this week.

    Regarding GSIF, I\'ve read that GS3 will still work fine with GSIF 1.0 drivers, but won\'t support some of the new features. GSIF 1.0 is for audio outputs only. It seems that GSIF 2.0 handles audio inputs as well, and maybe kernel-level MIDI.

    GSIF 2.0 should be compatible with our existing hardware. It all depends on our vendors to update to the new spec. I have a MIA. Let\'s hope Echo is aggressive and does some good QA for our cards!

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