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Topic: Remote Desktop/Timbuktu Mac to PC anyone?

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    Re: Remote Desktop/Timbuktu Mac to PC anyone?

    John, I use Real VNC www.realvnc.com I believe it works on Mac, Linux, or whatever you like. I\'ve only used it on PC\'s though.

    Its freeware so the price is good. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Remote Desktop/Timbuktu Mac to PC anyone?

    thanks-VNC doesn\'t appear to be mac compatible, tho.

    I\'m trying to get my brain around this, so please excuse my densenesss, but you\'re able to access your music software on one machine from another, w/o having to have a dedicated monitor and keyboard or KVM kind of setup? is it stable and reliable in the heat of battle?

    seems like an awefully cool idea if it works reliably. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Remote Desktop/Timbuktu Mac to PC anyone?

    Hi John, VNC can be used with any Java capable browser so it should run on a Mac.

    Using remote desktop software of any type isnt flawless - I sometimes dont see name changes come up in the Giga database and have to refresh the page. Perhaps it would run smoother on a gigabit network. Also, you cant use the software until the slave machine is fully loaded up and on the network. If it is having trouble booting up you wont know why unless you plug a monitor straight into it.

    The benefits outweigh the problems though, I hear of peoples KVM boxes crashing the system, I dont have the box and cables taking up space and have never had to outlay money on a KVM box.

    Also, for me most tweaks are made with the song stopped so it doesnt really affect what i do. I usually load up a Giga template and thats the end of it.

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    Re: Remote Desktop/Timbuktu Mac to PC anyone?

    Here is a users experience of runing the software on a Mac, (it can also run on OSX);


    And all Mac relevant results;


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    Remote Desktop/Timbuktu Mac to PC anyone?

    Just curious if anyone\'s had any success controlling Giga/Kontakt PCs from a Mac using Timbuktu or comparable remote control software.

    My KVM is full now, and i\'m looking at ways that i can add more PCs w/o having to buy a bigger KVM.


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    Re: Remote Desktop/Timbuktu Mac to PC anyone?

    thanks for the update Scott-when i looked, i didn\'t see a version for mac. looks like i need to do some more investigating. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    any others experiences are of course welcome as well.


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    Re: Remote Desktop/Timbuktu Mac to PC anyone?

    why not simply use the MS remote desktop client for mac (free download) - given your PC runs XP of course

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    Re: Remote Desktop/Timbuktu Mac to PC anyone?

    I think that only works with XP pro, my only XP machine is running Home. i also have 2 pcs that are still running 98SE (and will for the forseeable future, given their RAM limitations).

    have you used remote desktop? how reliable and stable is it?


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    Re: Remote Desktop/Timbuktu Mac to PC anyone?

    i\'m using RD every day be it in a LAN (to avoid the noise of servers) or via internet - it\'s absolutely stable and you can select which devices to map on your remote desktop. to RD a giga machine the most important setting is *use sound device on remote machine*
    ps: didn\'t use timbuktu for years, so my info might be a little bit outdated, but IIRC it maps devices and not the desktop

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