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Topic: Don't laugh, need a lilttle direction please

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    Don\'t laugh, need a lilttle direction please

    Ok So in the old days I just recorded midi tracks and layered them on top of each other little bit at a time. Well I saved up and finally had enough to get GOS strings and Sonar 2.2. question now is what do I need to do to play my old midi tracks I wrote and have the samples play the song instead of the old midi files?, I\'m using 2 computers samplers and giga on one and sonar on the other if that helps. thanks!!

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    Re: Don\'t laugh, need a lilttle direction please

    > have the samples play the song instead of the old midi files

    Maybe you could re-word the question. It\'s not making any sense...

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    Re: Don\'t laugh, need a lilttle direction please

    I think I got it. It sounds like you\'ve got a collection of MIDI files, each one containing a different part, which, when played back TOGETHER, creates your song.

    Am I close?

    If I am, you\'ll have to load up one in Sonar, then load up another one & copy/paste the MIDI track into the first file, close the source, open the next track, ad infinitum.

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    Re: Don\'t laugh, need a lilttle direction please

    O boy yes that was it. I used to use my roland keyboard that had a sequencer on it and could layer 16 tracks, and change the instruments, but I was confused on how to do same thing in sonar and giga. I think I have it now in theory, I\'ll have to try it tonight after my concert practice.

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    Re: Don\'t laugh, need a lilttle direction please

    err I\'m still not getting it, how do I get giga to play my midi file? (or do I load the midi file into sonar?) If I load the midi file how can I still choose my giga samples to play instead of midi? Maybe this would not be so difficult if they were on the same machine... [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: Don\'t laugh, need a lilttle direction please

    žETH, you need to load/import your midi file into a track1 of your sequencer. then wire OUT of this track to IN of gigastudio and load the respective patch (say violin.gig) into the corresponding port/channel of GS. repeat the procedure for track2 of course using another port/channel/instrument in GS.
    is that what you have been looking for?

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    Re: Don\'t laugh, need a lilttle direction please


    I used to do it that way in the old days before one computer could do it all. Did it with midi interfaces in both computers and a gsif sound card in the giga machine. Set up the giga machine for live performance by telling it to look at it\'s midi port for input and send audio output to it\'s gsif sound card. Connect giga machine\'s midi-in to sequencer machine\'s midi-out. Configure sequencer to send midi data to it\'s midi-out. Just make sure the sequencer plays on the same midi channels your giga machine has the samples loaded to. I think this is basically the way mac users access giga too. If you use your sequencer machine to play audio too, it\'ll also need a sound card and you\'ll probably want to route the audio output of both machines to a mixer.

    If your giga machine can in fact do it all, that\'s easier. Suggest you try this first. Just configure giga not to look to any physical midi port (unless you want to plug your keyboard into it and play without a sequencer). Then install your sequencer to the giga machine. Configure your sequencer on the giga machine to send midi output to the virtual giga midi port created during the giga install. This setup saves the cost of the 2nd computer, 2nd midi interface, 2nd sound card (if your sequencer and sound card support sharing), and often the need for a mixer.


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