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Topic: Gigaeditor - keyboard mapping question

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    Gigaeditor - keyboard mapping question

    I\'ve asked this before, but have misplaced the response, (finally have time to work on this part of Gigastudio). I have a gigabass disk but lose the last octave of bass sounds because my keyboard only has 66 notes. (There is an antire octave of lower bass sounds below my last C note. I go into Gigaeditor and highlight all the notes and shift then up and resave, but they still play the same range and I don\'t get that lower octave. How do I remap this bass to get that lower octave? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Gigaeditor - keyboard mapping question


    What you\'re doing should work. The only thing I can think of is that you\'re not selecting all the samples.

    1. In the editor click on the \'-\' button to the top left of the graphic until you can see empty space below the lowest region.

    2. \'Rubber band\' all the regions.

    3. Drag all the regions up an octave. This should cause the yellow reload led to come on.

    4. Hit the reload button (says \'GS\'with a downward pointing arrow above it, to the left of the \'loaded\' led).

    You should now be able to play the samples which were an octave below your lowest key.

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    Re: Gigaeditor - keyboard mapping question

    You may also need to change the unity note for each sample after you move the regions. - Doug

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