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Topic: Help - MSG32 error

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    Help - MSG32 error

    I\'m the one who sells everything else, goes totally Giga, and it blows up on me with a serious deadline. Anyway, I would get a MSG32 error, then blue screen, no matter what performance I load. Always after a song starts playing. I\'m on a simple Celeron 500, Win 98, Gina w SPDIF - Midi\'d to a Mac with Logic/ PT24. I\'ve been using it without a problem for months then this. I eventually reformatted the drive, installed just Win 98 and Giga (2.20). Still happens. I\'m at a loss. Any ideas?


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    Re: Help - MSG32 error

    Call the Nemesys support. When I have talked to them and told them I had a deadline, then went out of their way to help me.


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    Re: Help - MSG32 error

    I get MSG32 errors when I\'ve been in the BIOS playing with memory CAS latency settings, etc. Have you done anything like that lately? Or it\'s possible your BIOS was reset to settings that aren\'t friendly for your system. It\'s worth a look if nothing else good is happening.

    Also think of the latest things you\'ve installed (service packs, etc); they can screw up your DLL\'s, add Startup programs, etc.

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    Re: Help - MSG32 error

    Try change the graphics card.

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    Re: Help - MSG32 error

    Here is a chance for the forum to come to the rescue. Use the search engine that is a part of the forum system to search for msg32, msgsrv32, error, blue screen, and any other potential keyword. Look through the results of your search. You will read about several possible causes and solutions. You may find some guidance there. Also, I still say call the factory; I\'ve had help from them before.


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    Re: Help - MSG32 error

    Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, I did call Nemesys, they tried to be helpful but had no answers. Their best solution was - reinstall Windows, which I did, including reformatting the drive so now all i have installed is Giga and Win98. But I still get the errors. It\'s driving me nuts...........

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