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Topic: G.A.N.G. Awards 2003 Nominees

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    Re: G.A.N.G. Awards 2003 Nominees

    Wow, there are actually a lot of awards!

    Games that in my opinion should win at least one award are:
    * Call of Duty
    * The Hobbit
    * Max Payne 2

    All three games had GREAT sound and music!

    \"Best Sound Library\" : ummm... why is there no VSL or Project SAM? They would be my top 2 picks!

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    Re: G.A.N.G. Awards 2003 Nominees

    I\'ve been playing lots and lots of games this year to see how the music was in them (mainly if it was interactive, how was it included and when, etc) but it seems i haven\'t even played the 10%! I have missed a lot of the ones listed there.

    And completely agree on the strange Best Sound Library absences

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    Re: G.A.N.G. Awards 2003 Nominees

    VSL won last year. I guess SAM\'s did not get enough nominations, and probably should have been up for a vote.

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