Hi all

I just experienced a bizarre problem capturing midi to audio in GSt 2.2 The story goes like this:

Since installing GSt, I have been using it with an Egosys Wamirack 24 - never had a problem <g>.

I just \"upgraded\" to a RME hammerfall card to get 16 digital channels out and suddenly capture to file only produces \"empty\" wave files. The file size is right, but there is absolutely no audio. I tried normalising, etc, zooming down to the bit level in my editor - nothing!

None of the other suggestions in previous posts helped so I gave up and re-installed the Wami Rack. The capture function immediately worked again!!!

I think the problem is that the RME drivers for GSIF are always 24 bit. The Wami drivers can be either 16 or 32 (???) bit and I leave them on 16 bit.

I find it amazing that the card drivers should have any effect on wave capturing - Nemesys should fix this ASAP!

Has anyone else had a similar experience? I am thinking of installing a dummy 16bit GSIF driver just to use the capture function, but how?