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Topic: Game Audio Music Links Only

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluepowder
    ...but somehow chance thomas just nailed it for me. never even heard of the guy before... has he done anything i should know about?
    Chance is a pretty high flyer these days. Last year he did the music for a short that won the Academy Award for best animated short, and the audio was just about all music and sound effects. Chance is one of those who do not have to do a lot of MIDI because his main instrument is the live orchestra. And he is a great guy too.
    Doyle W. Donehoo, Composer
    Radar Music

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    Re: Game Audio Music Links Only

    Quote Originally Posted by Waywyn View Post
    ... \'nother one:

    morrowind theme/jeremy soule:

    edit: oh it doesnt remember the complete link to music. scroll down to the last pic. that\'s the music link.
    Soundtrack to Lineage 2 by bill brown... this page has been updated with lots of music since i last checked it. Some pretty good stuff in here

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    Re: Game Audio Music Links Only

    I like these post very much. You have given nice links and also very useful.
    I am also giving links:

    I hope these links will help you.

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    Re: Game Audio Music Links Only

    Quote Originally Posted by guybrush threepwood View Post
    Diablo II:Lords of Destruction

    I have that soundtrack and it's one of the most impressive - pure orchestra - performance ever done to a game.

    With motifs and parts directly quoted from Mars Bringer of War (Gustav Holst - Planet Suite) and Richard Wagner - Tristam and Isolde (Prologue), some operas and probably more.

    Thats probably the most evolved, magical, mysterious, shocking Score I've heard for a game.
    Listen to Ancients & The Siege- Epic!
    Can it get any better?

    And for any further Diablo fans, did you notice that Blizzard kept on that pure orchestra style for Diablo 3? The down-part is that such strong music tends to get "on your nervs" pretty quick, but maybe they have a lot variation.

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    Re: Game Audio Music Links Only

    this good!
    Thanks very much for your part!

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    Re: Game Audio Music Links Only

    http://project2612.org/ Cool FM synthesis era links

    www.GameSoundCon.com Conference on game audio

    www.gamesSound.com Good site by academic game audio researcher

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    Re: Game Audio Music Links Only

    Yeah, I played enough to still recognize some of the music. Strange to hear it again. Game music sure has come a long way.

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