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Topic: Game Audio Music Links Only

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    Arrow Game Audio Music Links Only

    Post links to Game Music in this thread.
    If you have comments, keep them brief or add them to a another thread. Normally, if you add to this thread, it should have links to music to go with any comments. Look at this as a resource.

    Bill Brown music:

    Another favorite of mine, Richard Jacques:

    This guy has a few fans:

    More music here:
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    Re: Game Audio Music Links Only

    Interviews, news and mp3's

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    Re: Game Audio Music Links Only

    One more for the list:

    Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
    Composed by Christopher Lennertz.
    Performed by The Hollywood Symphony Orchestra.

    Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

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    Re: Game Audio Music Links Only

    I just found these two today:

    Here you can download the music from SimCity 3000 and SimCity 4 Rush Hour:


    This is the soundtrack to \"The Longest Journey\":



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    Re: Game Audio Music Links Only

    Here\'s some from Lucas Arts games:

    Secret of Monkey Island, Monkey Island 2, Curse of Monkey Island, Escape From Monkey Island, Sam & Max Hit The Road, Idiana Jones (Atlantis & Emperor\'s Tomb), Star Wars (Dark Forces, Knights of the Old Republic, Force Commander), The Dig, Outlaws, and finally my favorite Grim Fandango.

    Lucas Arts Soundtracks

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    Re: Game Audio Music Links Only

    ... \'nother one:

    morrowind theme/jeremy soule:

    edit: oh it doesnt remember the complete link to music. scroll down to the last pic. that\'s the music link.

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    Re: Game Audio Music Links Only

    Soundtrack to Lineage 2 by bill brown... this page has been updated with lots of music since i last checked it. Some pretty good stuff in here

    The English version didnt have as many cues so thats the korean version.


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    Re: Game Audio Music Links Only

    It\'s not a full soundtrack, but a few nice tracks of electronic/orchestral (mostly electronic) stuff by Jesper Kyd from Hitman:Contracts...


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    Re: Game Audio Music Links Only

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    Re: Game Audio Music Links Only

    ANITO: Defend a Land Enraged
    Platform: PC - Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
    Genre: Adventure / RPG
    Release: November 22, 2003


    grab the entire soundtrack here:

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