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Topic: Wild Arms Soundtrack

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    Wild Arms Soundtrack

    Does anyone else besides me thing that the music for Wild Arms (by Michiko Naruke)never really got the attention that it deserved?

    I must admit that I only got the game back in 1997 to keep near-errupting levels of anticipation for Final Fantasy VII subsided. But looking back, I really have to admit that I find myself humming quite a few tunes from Wild Arms from time to time. I must even dare to say that I like the ideas of Michiko Naruke better then Nobuo Uematsu\'s.

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    Re: Wild Arms Soundtrack

    Naruke, she\'s just plain brilliant. I have the entire series of soundtracks, Wild Arms 1, 2 and 3. I love her melodies and instrumentation. She\'s in my opinion one of the most talented videogame composers that does not get the respect she deserves.

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    Re: Wild Arms Soundtrack

    I haven\'t played Wild Arms 2 or 3 yet. I may just purchase a PS2 so I can play them ! =)

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    Re: Wild Arms Soundtrack

    The games aren\'t as good as the music. I have not played Wild Arms 3 yet. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] There is a remake Wild Arms for PS2. I don\'t know if it has new music yet.

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    Re: Wild Arms Soundtrack

    Whoa! A remake of the original Wild Arms on PS2? Has it been released yet?!?!

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    Re: Wild Arms Soundtrack

    In Japan. There are no announcements for an american port yet. Maybe at E3?

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