sorry if this has been discussed before. Here's the issue :

I got Kontakt 5 and Finale 2014 working together with Vienna Symphonic Libraries and Alicia's Keys. They've been great so far.

Recently I bought M-Audio's Keystation 88 II and it recognised the keyboard nicely. At first, the instruments loaded fine and played back when I pressed the keys. After a while, though, it seems that whatever I load, I have to set the midi channel to OMNI, otherwise I only get sound when clicking with the mouse on the digital piano roll on the screen. This behaviour occurs now both in Finale's Kontakt plugin and in stand-alone. I DO have the Keystation set to use port A channel 1 and I load the instrument to this channel. What I want to achieve is for the physical keyboard to respond to playing immediately, but right now it doesn't and I must change the channel to OMNI to get sound at all.

What should I do? Any help welcome.