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Topic: Converting EMU-samples to GIGA!

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    Converting EMU-samples to GIGA!

    Hi musiclovers!

    Does anyone know how to work around this problem: Whenever I convert (via CDXtract, which by the way is very recommendable and userfriendly - I need that!) EMU-samples to Gigastudio 160, it reloads the basic samples following every preset. It means that an 8 Mb double bass ends up using 200 Mb! Im sure there is a clecer way around this, but which nobs to turn??
    Thank you for our time and effort!

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    Re: Converting EMU-samples to GIGA!

    It seems to be a limitation of the conversion software. It happens on any CD which uses a pool of samples for several presets. The pool gets replicated every time.

    Try this (don\'t know if it\'ll work):

    Do your conversion, then load up one of the instruments into GS editor.

    Now use the combine function and load up all the instruments which use identical samples. This should load the instrument, but not the samples - a the editor already has those names loaded.

    Once you\'ve loaded them all up, save the .gig and delete all the instruments from disk which are now duplicated in this single gig file. This way, many versions of the double bass now only use one set of samples.

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