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Topic: Use of sustainpedal freezes gigastudio 160!?

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    Use of sustainpedal freezes gigastudio 160!?

    Hi there!
    Whenever I play a sampled piano in giga160, it freezes after one minut of not even extensive playing - both the gigapiano AND a 8 Mb sized piano...
    It seems like it\'s a problem with the sustain-pedal, more than a general polyphonical issue. I use an old Roland RD-300s as my motherkeyboard.
    Does anybody out there/in here have any suggestions or things to check regarding this?
    Thank you in advance, and thanks to the handfull of devoted guys within this forum, who so willingly help the rest of us from time to time!
    Sten Oerting!

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    Re: Use of sustainpedal freezes gigastudio 160!?

    I think this is a bug, and other people complain of it as well.

    Some say that the problem goes away after installing the V2.2 patch.

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