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Topic: How to use the NFX via MIDI?

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    How to use the NFX via MIDI?

    I use Giga 160 with CWPA9 and I recently discovered the DSP station/NFX section. I have been reading that these effects aren\'t anything to write home about, but I would like to try them nonetheless. Is there a way to hear them applied in real time to the sounds as I play them? I don\'t understand how to do this.

    Also, I read somewhere that Revolver effects are now compatible with NFX. Where/how do I get other effects for gigastudio, and are there any other NFX effects packages for sale?

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    Re: How to use the NFX via MIDI?

    Its pretty easy to do. First load in a sound in Giga, then go to your DSP station. You want to choose \"Aux Busses\" then go to the top of the screen of Outputs 1,2 and where it says \'empty\' left click on it. You should see your effects there. Double click on the one you want to hear, reverb for example.
    After that, hit the green edit button and choose the settings you would like to audition.
    Then go back to the bottom of the Aux Buss page and click on \'inputs\'. There you will apply the amount of reverb you want to your sound by left clicking on aux 1.
    Thats all there is to it. The same is applied for the other effects as well.

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    Re: How to use the NFX via MIDI?

    A quick addition to what Damon said:
    When you edit the reverb effect, turn the dry level down to zero. This way you are only increasing the amount of effect when adjusting aux send 1, rather than also increasing overall volume.

    A quick aside: if you were using the reverb as an insertion effect, you would not want to turn down the dry level. But generally you\'ll want to use the reverb as an aux send so that you\'re only running one instance of the reverb effect rather than multiple instances inserted on different channels (which would eat up CPU time). I should also mention that if you do not have a GSIF sound card, then you won\'t have multiple channels/busses.

    Be sure to check out the following topics in Gigastudio\'s help file:
    DSP Station
    DSP Station - Inputs
    DSP Station Aux Busses
    DSP Station Master
    NFX Effects
    NFX1 Reverb/Multieffects
    and the other NFX topics if you\'re interested. These pages give more specific details and also discuss MIDI automation of the effect parameters.

    Out of curiosity, has anyone been able to achieve satisfactory results from the NFX reverb? Of course I\'m not talking Lexicon-quality, but something comparable to decent software plugins. If so it would be interesting to hear what settings give reasonable results. (I\'ve only found the NFX reverb useful when a specifically unnatural reverb is desired, but maybe I gave up on it too soon.)


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    Re: How to use the NFX via MIDI?

    Hey psi,
    If you want to check out a song I used NFX reverb on, click on this site:

    Just hit \'download now\' to listen to the song.
    I normally use TC reverb for my audio, but for some reason I was satisfied with the results of NFX for this composition especially on the Gigapiano. I believe I used the \'large hall\' preset which I tweaked out some.
    Damon Bradley

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