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Topic: Trouble with downloads

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    Trouble with downloads

    Hello. I\'m having trouble downloading .gigs from Worra\'s Place. I\'m hoping someone here can guide me. I logged on to webpuppy.co.uk/worra/gigs and downloaded some gigs to my computer. I tried both left-clicking and then saving, and right-clicking and using \"save link as\" command. I also downloaded the winRAR utility.
    When I use winRAR to extract the downloaded files I get error messages: \"This file is corrupt\" or something about the file being terminated. In any case, every .gig that I\'ve tried to extract gives an error message, some 6 or 7 .gigs now.
    I don\'t believe all the files at Worra\'s Place are corrupted, so that must mean (gasp!) the error is mine.
    BTW - I haven\'t yet registered the winRAR. Could the unregistered winRAR not work properly? I also notice the messages at webpuppy about getting too much traffic and some servers being shut down. Is that the cause?
    Thanks for your help.
    I\'m posting a similar notice at the Soundware discussion group. My apolagies for cross-posting. jmp

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    Re: Trouble with downloads

    Well Idowloaded several files myself and it worked fine i use winrar unregistred and it works corupted files are usualy done by a bad internet connection
    try this
    1) clean your browser cache
    2) use something like dowload accelerator
    3) dowload only when the server is in good condition
    hope it works

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    Re: Trouble with downloads

    I use winrar unregistred my self ( what a shame) and i never had a problem with whoras place
    corrupted files usualy comes from a bad internet connection.
    Try this
    clean your internet cache
    Use a dowload accelerator I personaly use dowload accerator plus (DAP)
    Dowload only when the server is in good condition
    hope that works

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