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Topic: GigaStudio vs Cubase

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    GigaStudio vs Cubase

    Hi ! I want to build beats in Cubase using my midi controller and GigaStudio. I\'ve got no problem using either one of these great apps, but I have never used them together yet... I want to use an instrument (drums sounds) I made in GS and record the beat in Cubase. I was wondering if I record on let\'s say Channel 10, if all the different sounds I use will be on their own \"subtrack\" ? My main goal is to be able to process (volume, fx, pan, etc...) each sounds individually.. May sound simple to most of you guys, but I\'m in the learning process here !!! If any of you has an answer or an other way to do so, please don\'t be shy !

    Thanks !


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    Re: GigaStudio vs Cubase

    If you want to process sounds by bringing them back into the vst mixer it would be easier using a vst instrument sampler.
    Native instruments Battery could be worth a look.
    Using Giga you would need to write the tracks then save as audio files from within giga & then import as wavs into vst for each individual sound that you want to process & this is also dependent on your souncard drivers allowing both programs to run at once.

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