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Topic: Concept of Gigasampler/Hardware Sampler

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    Concept of Gigasampler/Hardware Sampler

    Though I\'ve been dabbling with keyboards for some time now, it\'s time to get serious and plunge in computer music. I\'m relatively new to computer music, so bare with me.

    A couple of well known artists I\'ve admired use several sample cds from Spectrasonics.
    Please inform me if I\'m off, to my understanding these cds need to be run or manipulated (even those without Gigasampler format like cd-audio can be converted right?) in Gigasampler/studio or a hardware sampler. Now with a sequencer let\'s say I have tracks 1,2,3,4 and I compose a song in my sequencer...Can I trigger my so-and-so sample cd sound from Gigasampler in my sequencer (sonar, cubase or logic)? Or even possibly a combination like tracks 1-2 come from a GIG sampler cd and maybe at the same time tracks 3-4 sounds triggered by my keyboard synth/sound module?

    Is this feasible, am I on the right track in understanding the sampler concept? Any clarification and info is greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Concept of Gigasampler/Hardware Sampler

    Yes, to your sequencer the Gigasampler will just be like another module you can send certain MIDI channels to for sounds. You can mix & match to your heart\'s content (e.g. just send drums to Gigasampler, everything else to analog external synths etc).

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