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Topic: Manual for GigaStudio 96

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    Manual for GigaStudio 96

    Does anyone know if Nemesys offers a manual for GS96? Possible in PDF form. Don\'t like the idea of just purchasing the software and finding out that no manual really comes with it. Just the Help Files.
    I\'ve been to the site but can\'t find any link in Downloads to a manual. Purchased one for GigaSampler and found it was more out of Date than the short manual that Cakewalk gave with GigaSampler LE.

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    Re: Manual for GigaStudio 96

    At this stage Help files is your lot, but Nemesys have had a lot of requests for a manual, and I believe Dave Govett has been working on one for some time.

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    Re: Manual for GigaStudio 96

    It\'s back to the printer again.

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