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Topic: Couple Nagging Things

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    Couple Nagging Things

    so far I love gigastudio -= just a couple complaints . . .

    the setup of hardware routing isn\'t saved with your performance. that is extremely irritating.

    would be nice to be able assign different channels to different outputs for those of us that have multiple outputs on our soundcards . . .

    I find the lack of saving hardware routing a real pain though. How could they miss that?

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    Re: Couple Nagging Things


    there\'s a user survey at the URL below, maybe you should look through it.

    To add a feature request to the list, just folloy the link near the top of the survey page, and fill out the from. It should appear in the survey next time they update it.

    You CAN assign different channels to different outputs. I\'m not at work, but when I\'m in front of the machine I\'ll write a step by step.

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