So, okay, my K2500s do this fine, but I\'ve been pulling my hair out trying to make Editor do this... Anyone have any brite ideas how to make this program do this? Is it possible?

I want to take my legato Horn sample and play it all the way to 90 mod wheel, then switch to a crescendo sample from 91 to 127. (no prob)
Then I also want to be able to have an accented sample play regardless of the mod wheel position but only from 100-127 velocity
( a bit harder)
Using articulations, I can acomplish all this easy, but the trouble is Gigastudio will sap up 8 notes of polyphony for each note I play. How can this be done so that Gigastudio only triggers notes once they cross the the velocity or Mod Wheel thresholds? Trying to save on polyphony here, and besides, my k2500, E5000 Ultra, and even the Emagic EXS24 will do it. I can\'t figure out how on this thing.


Mark L.