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Topic: CONFUSION when editing your own post

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    CONFUSION when editing your own post

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    I believe there is a bug in the forum software when you are editing your own post.

    The available buttons under the text box are \"Edit Post\" and \"Preview Post\" -- which gives rise to the obvious question \"How do I SAVE my changes?\" (since I\'m through editing it and/or previewing it).

    The corresponding buttons available when posting a new topic are \"Add New Topic\" and \"Preview Post\". It seems that the \"Edit Post\" button should be \"Save Your Changes\" or simply \"Save\".

    imho ... kev

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    Re: CONFUSION when editing your own post

    Hi everybody! This is my first post. It is like Christmas here. Tomorrow, FedEx is delivering a new Dell 3 GHZ computer, a MOTU micro express midi interface, and an RME Hammerfall 9652 soundcard. The best thing that is being delivered tomorrow is GPO! YEE HAW!
    Can you believe it? I have been a recording engineer for 30 some years and just now am getting into midi. I have a Yamaha KX88 that I will be using for playing into MOTU\'s Digital Performer 3.1 on my Mac G4. I will be very busy reading all these manuals for a month, but I can\'t wait to get my hands on this stuff. I spoke with Mr. Garritan on Monday, and he helped me decide what to get. He is very service oriented, and that is a major blessing! I\'m sure I will be posting questions with regard to the midi stuff and how it works through Digital Performer. Is there a topic on this forum that discusses Digital Performer with GPO? If so, please point me in the right direction. I am not a newbie that will start a new topic every time I have a question. Thanks everybody, and thank you Gary G.


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