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Topic: More on Kontakt, Sonic Implants, and Sibelius

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    More on Kontakt, Sonic Implants, and Sibelius

    NATIVE INSTRUMENTS and SONIC IMPLANTS team up to provide powerful music package to Sibelius Software, Ltd.

    OCTOBER 13, 2003- NATIVE INSTRUMENTS and SONIC NETWORK, Inc., the developer of the popular SONIC IMPLANTS sound libraries, announce a new cooperation to provide a sample-playback sound library to Sibelius, the world’s leading music notation software. The package bundles the popular KONTAKT PLAYER SILVER sample player and SONIC IMPLANTS sound libraries together to provide Sibelius 3 with a powerful sound-generation engine and high-quality set of instrument samples.

    KONTAKT PLAYER SILVER and SONIC IMPLANTS libraries allows Sibelius 3 users to play back music using high-quality instrument samples, burn compositions on CD, and create audio files for the Internet. The SILVER EDITION contains 20 instrumental sounds covering a useful selection of brass, woodwind, strings, percussion, voices, and other symphonic categories. Many of the instruments were taken from the well-known SONIC IMPLANTS SYMPHONIC STRING COLLECTION. Additionally, Sibelius 3 users are able to purchase KONTAKT PLAYER GOLD, which offers 64 instrumental and 100 percussion sounds that cover an even wider range of orchestral and band instruments.

    Jennifer Hruska, President of SONIC NETWORK, Inc., says, “NATIVE INSTRUMENTS is breaking new ground in the industry with their technology. We were excited to be asked to provide our high-end sound libraries for the Sibelius 3 project, and even more excited for Sibelius 3 users, who now have access to such high-quality music making tools at their fingertips.”

    Daniel Haver, CEO of NATIVE INSTRUMENTS, adds, \"We found the outstanding quality of the SONIC IMPLANTS library to be a perfect match for the state-of-the-art sound engine of KONTAKT PLAYER. We believe Sibelius 3 combined with KONTAKT PLAYER and SONIC IMPLANTS sound libraries will be of enormous benefit to all musicians.”

    About Native Instruments

    NATIVE INSTRUMENTS is the world\'s leading manufacturer of software synthesizers for personal computers. Founded in 1996, NATIVE INSTRUMENTS was one of the first companies to use the possibilities of real-time sound synthesis on Macintosh and Windows platforms. The current products include a modular audio system, emulations of classic keyboards, innovative synthesizers, samplers, computer based DJ products, audio effects and sample libraries. The company has earned a reputation for exceptional quality and innovation within the computer and audio community. The products, targeted at both audio professionals and hobbyists, have won practically every relevant award from the music technology press.

    NATIVE INSTRUMENTS has extensive experience with all aspects of audio software development, including product conception, user interface design, audio technology, software programming, copy protection, quality control, sound design, documentation, and production control. Other core competencies are in the fields of marketing and sales (direct sales to dealers in the US/Germany), customer management, and international support. Currently, the company employs about 60 people and cooperates with more than 30 international distribution partners. The headquarters are located in Berlin, Germany, with a subsidiary in Los Angeles, USA.

    About Sonic Network, Inc.

    Sonic Network, Inc. provides audio technology and sound libraries that enable high quality, engaging music playback on a wide range of consumer devices. The company licenses its products in several markets including wireless devices, PCs, games, software applications and music synthesizers, as well as sells retail products direct to end users.

    Sonic Network runs two successful divisions, Sonic Implants – a retail product line of professional and consumer sound libraries sold in over 80 countries, and Sonic Mobular – a mobile audio software technology product line.

    Sonic Implants sound libraries consist of a wide variety of recorded musical instruments designed for playback by MIDI synthesizers. The product line consists of large DVD Collections, CD-ROM Titles, and Download Instruments and are sold in over 80 countries via music retail stores, international distributors and direct via the Internet. Sonic Network\'s Embedded Audio System (EAS) technology is a multi-platform audio engine for embedded systems and devices such as semiconductors, mobile phones, toys, and other consumer devices. The EAS solution is a customizable software package comprised of a digital audio player, General MIDI (GM) synthesizer, matched wavetable soundsets, and audio extensions for multiple ringtone formats, digital audio effects, mixers, audio codecs, and graphics integration.

    Sonic Network technology and content is market-proven and currently resides in tens of millions of consumer and professional devices. The company currently runs an engineering facility in Boston, MA, and a business and Internet infrastructure office in Chicago, IL.

    Sonic Implants and its respective logos are the sole property of Sonic Network, Inc.


    Native Instruments



    Sonic Network, Inc.



    Sibelius Software Ltd.


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    Re: More on Kontakt, Sonic Implants, and Sibelius

    Sounds good Dave..what will the library consist of? Rich

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