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Topic: Using S-Convert on a SCSI-disk?

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    Using S-Convert on a SCSI-disk?

    Hi everybody!

    I wonder if it is possible in any way to convert programs and samples
    from a SCSI-disk with S-Convert?
    I have an old S-1000 and a SCSI-drive for it with samples I started
    to build and collect several years ago. Since I got Gigasampler I
    haven\'t used the S-1000 much but I miss some of the programs I\'ve
    created for it.

    So, anyone? Do I have to transfer sample by sample and rebuild the
    programs in GigaEditor or is there a way?

    Best Regards,

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    Re: Using S-Convert on a SCSI-disk?

    Are the programs and samples on a CD? If so, you should be able to just pop the CD in the computer drive and S-converter will convert them, program and all.

    If you are thinking of transferring the files through the SCSI connection, you may have trouble. I looked into it with a 3000 model and could never make it communicate with the computer, and was told by a tech it couldn\'t be done.

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    Re: Using S-Convert on a SCSI-disk?

    IF the programs aren\'t on CD, check out Rubber Chicken Systems Translator site.

    The program comes with some floppy disk utilities like Akai disk, which allow you to write files to hard disk, and then have Translator do its job truning them into .gigs.

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