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Topic: Sonar X3 can't find JaBB 3 or GPO4

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    Sonar X3 can't find JaBB 3 or GPO4

    My Sonar X3 is installed on the F: drive not the C: drive. I can see that I have JaBB 3 and GPO4 installed but the ARIA Engine can't find these libraries when I use it in Sonar X3. I am sure it's a mislocated file, ut don't know which one. HELP.

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    Re: Sonar X3 can't find JaBB 3 or GPO4

    Bill, my setup is similar, (I have only GPO4) but Sonar X3 is on my C: drive, so is the file Garritan, which contains all the sounds. Maybe you should try to IMPORT a sound to Aria, and point the import to where your Garritan file is. From then on I think Aria will find it. I do not know how to set Aria to look for GPO4. You also have to make sure, that scanning for plug-ins are set to the proper locations where you keep your VST plugins located.Does Aria shows up in Sonar insert VST?
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