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Topic: Oscar Night's on it's way..........

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    Oscar Night\'s on it\'s way..........

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    Hey, with only about 20 days to go till the Academy Awards.... I just wondered about the five composers in the running for BEST SCORE:

    Danny Elfman--- nominated twice- but never won
    Gabriel Yared---winner 1996 (The English Patient)
    Thomas Newman---nominated 5 times- but never won
    James Horner----winner 1997 (Titanic)
    Howard Shore----winner 2001 (LOTR 2)

    Please keep in mind, this is just my opinion. Because there are some really great scores nominated this year... but I\'d kinda like to see Thomas Newman win this year. I mean, all those prior nomination for such great scores... but still no win. Lets face it, they\'re all really wonderful composers. You know, I just feel that Thomas Newman has been overlooked slightly and I\'d sorta like to see a win for him this year. I really enjoy his work... \"especially The Shawshank Redemption\" ........ [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Gary

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    Re: Oscar Night\'s on it\'s way..........

    I agree Newman should win...but not for this score...same goes for Elfman..

    I hope Shore gets another one.. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Oscar Night\'s on it\'s way..........


    For the Germans in here interested in a real concert overseas with some themes from the above list...

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    Re: Oscar Night\'s on it\'s way..........

    Anybody here ever been to the Awards? Or planning to go this year?

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