A number of people tell us that they only need the soprano diva from Realivox Ladies and don't want to buy the full set just to get her. Well, you know how we are here at Realitone! Ask and ye shall receive. (Although with Realitone, ask, then wait a long time, and then wait some more, and then ye shall receive. )

Well, the waitin' is over! We hereby present: Realivox Teresa

For those unfamiliar with Realivox Ladies, the walkthrough video is below. They are a collection of five solo singers (Teresa, our soprano diva being one of them), multisampled (Kontakt) so you can play whatever melody your heart desires, all with full sampled legato, and 60 articulations to choose from.

The best part? She's priced at $119. But wait! For you, our very special pals, we're offering an intro price of $79.95.

So don't just sit there! Get yourself down to http://realitone.com/ and pick up a copy.