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Topic: For musicians looking for a GOOD web host

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    For musicians looking for a GOOD web host

    sponsored links

    I found a really sweet deal.. check it out. PLENTY of space for your mp3s:

    Windows Hosting:
    $5.49/mo: 250MB space, 10GB/mo bandwidth
    $7.99/mo: 500MB, 15GB/mo
    $11.99/mo: 1GB space!!, 20GB/mo

    Linux Hosting:
    $5.49/mo: 500MB space, 15GB/mo
    $7.99/mo: 1GB space, 20GB/mo
    $11.99/mo: 1.5GB space, 25GB/mo

    If you\'re interested, private message me and I\'ll hook you up. No, there\'s no scam or catch here. The 1GB space looks a bit fishy.. it might be a little bit of overselling (they sell you 1GB hoping you\'ll never use it all), but Rob is a nice guy and will very likely grant you that space should you really need all of it. They take a while to respond to trouble tickets, so if you\'re a support hog and need help a lot, forget it. But if you\'re the type to just upload your files and let \'em hang out there, this is an awesome deal. Discounts if you pay annually up front. It\'s a reputable host. I switched to these guys (I used to host with GearHost), and noticed a HUGE speed increase on my site. The control panel (for the Windows plan) also rocks and lets you do a lot.

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    Re: For musicians looking for a GOOD web host


    My web host gives me 1,000MB storage and 5 gigabytes traffic a day at $7.77 a month. I\'ve been with them since November and I don\'t have any complaints at all. If at all, it\'s how to fill up that much space.

    So far, I have not seen any offer that beats this.

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    Re: For musicians looking for a GOOD web host

    Just FYI... anytime a web host offers you 5GB/day (which is about 150GB/mo) or 10GB web space, for a too-good-to-be-true price... turn, and run away. It should be a red flag.

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    Re: For musicians looking for a GOOD web host

    I hope not! When I first signed up last year, the transfer limit was 60 gigs a month if I remember right. At the start of 2004, it was upgraded to 5 gigs a day.

    My web host is PowWeb - you can check it out yourself. I\'m using this link because I also found out tonight that if I get you to sign-up through me, I get a 15-buck credit for my future payments. How cool is that!

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    Re: For musicians looking for a GOOD web host

    On the other hand, I don\'t want to pressure you into that referral program if you will feel uneasy. You might think it\'s a marketing scam or something, which is not.

    PowWeb\'s url is, of course, http://www.powweb.com .

    Do check it out for me and if it\'s too unreal then let me know so I can \"turn, and run away\" before it\'s too late.

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    Re: For musicians looking for a GOOD web host

    Hm, this leads me to the question - what is reliable? Does an independent website exist somewhere for the american market like it does for the german market? They list all prices here, and ping the hosts every 15min, and one could check the statistics back 3 months... From that a percentage (reliable hosts have at least 99% or better more uptime) is gathered. There are not only a few offers out there that work well for a few hundred customers, but once more choose the service everything gets out of hand after a few months...


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