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Topic: Instrument Won't Load

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    Instrument Won\'t Load

    When I drag and drop a Midi file into Giga,
    it used (version 2) to open the sequencer and load the GM500 instruments.
    Now it opens the sequencer but instruments won\'t load.
    The instrument channels become empty and no instrument loads.
    Any idea?
    Any idea how to load a Midi file into Giga?

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    Re: Instrument Won\'t Load

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by eilamgross:
    [B]When I drag and drop a Midi file into Giga,

    I use the gm150 (should have bought the gm500). I use giga to make backing tracks. I drop a midi file onto the giga screen, it loads the instruments, and then loads cakewalk. If you are having problems, uninstall the gm500 and re-install. there\'s a couple of files that communicates with giga when the midi file is dropped on it. maybe one or both of the files are corrupt or missing. they are a library nif file and the ini file for gm500.
    jim berton jberton@portup.com

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    Re: Instrument Won\'t Load

    I t hink you need to load your instruments individually and use your sequencer for your midi file and midi sequences. Gigastudio doesn\'t open a midi file, but it does open a giga file which contains an instrument.


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