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Topic: GIGA & ACID 3.0 ISSUE!

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    GIGA & ACID 3.0 ISSUE!

    I have installed GIGA 160, Acid 3.0 and Audiophile 2496 card. Everything runs fine by itself but, I press play in Acid while giga is running in the background I get this message \"an error occurred while starting playback. the device specified is in use\" How do I fix this? I would love to be able to use ACID 3.0 midi feature.
    thanks in advance!

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    Re: GIGA & ACID 3.0 ISSUE!

    Do you have the newest drivers (still a beta) for the Audiophile? It\'s only just become multi-client.

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    Re: GIGA & ACID 3.0 ISSUE!

    Do you have the option to set \'Multi Client\' in Control Panel\\System\\Device Manager? Do you ALWAYS launch Giga first,then your seq app?

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    Re: GIGA & ACID 3.0 ISSUE!

    I\'m having the exact same problem with Acid 3.0
    multi client audio and midi is enabled
    I\'m running a Layla24 with the gsif drivers
    and still get this error regardless of which app i start first.

    The output device GigaSampler/Endless Wave is in use by another application.

    Is there anybody whos been successful running these two apps together?

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    Re: GIGA & ACID 3.0 ISSUE!

    hi guys..
    i think im the amateur one here now..so pls help me on this...ive had the same problem today(acid pro and gigastudio saying the device is in use..can this have anything to do with my creative pci-64 soundcard..ive just seen the term multi client..do i have this?do i need it?...a similar problem i think is:when i audio rec in cakewalk i cant use gigastudio..and when i de-select nemesys ports from the midi devices i can here the gigasudio but cant record???
    what s going on?
    help needed guys )

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    Re: GIGA & ACID 3.0 ISSUE!

    For what it\'s worth... there has been countless questions and comments about issues like this. Running Giga and a Sequencer or another program at the same time on the same computer. Avoid the hassles and problems, buy another machine and good sound card to just run Giga on and treat it like an external sampler. Life will be good... (I mean you just paid alot of money for a high end sampler!)

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    Re: GIGA & ACID 3.0 ISSUE!

    usually when I have that problem it means that both programs are trying to use the same output of the soundcard.

    I would try selecting different outputs (for each program) within Giga and Acid.

    They both have these capabilities.

    For instance select out 1 and 2 for giga, and 3 and 4 for Acid.

    Hope this helps

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    Re: GIGA & ACID 3.0 ISSUE!

    I ran Acid 3 and Giga and Logic (midi only)today and had no conflicts - they all ran at the same time.

    My card\'s a pulsar 2, so there\'s probably no point in mentioning any settings.

    Just thought you should no it\'s probably not a bug in Giga per se. I think Kid Alex is probably right - even though you\'re multi client, bith programmes are trying to snatch the same channels.

    Look for posts here and on the yahoo group by Kevin Phelan from Nemesys. He explains how to set up Cubase or Logic audio with a multiclient arrangement, even down to the point of when to reboot the programmes so that the changes take effect at the right time. I think if you use Logic or Cubase as a keyword or Kevin as the author (on Yahoo anyway) you should hit one of the posts.

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