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Topic: Simon Ravn is a nice guy!

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    Simon Ravn is a nice guy!

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    Hello, i just wanted to point out that i think Simon Ravn is probably a bit like another notorious Simon; Simon Cowell from american idol, he may be blunt, and very direct, but he is the only honest judge in that show, and people need to hear the truth on occasion, wouldnt that show be very boring if we had 3 Paula Abdul\'s? and if it were up to her, we would have a bunch of singing monkeys or parrots on that show! In the end you get tired of the sugar coated remarks, and you search for the brutal honest truth, sometimes you need to take out the pink glasses, and get a massive kick in the butt, to move forward. We can\'t all be Paula Abdul you know... Now, getting back on topic, even though Simon Ravn\'s opinions may seem brutal most of the time they are based on the truth, and most of the time Simon is willing to help if you ask him, even more so than other forum members who are supposedly very nice and good. He is a nice guy with a tough exterior, that\'s all.

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    Re: Simon Ravn is a nice guy!

    Anybody notice any similarity?????

    Seriously though, Mr. Simon Ravn always said what was on his mind and you gotta appreciate his honesty. Yeah, it would kinda be nice to see him back at the forum again..... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] Gary

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