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Topic: VVVVery slow Volume Control

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    VVVVery slow Volume Control

    My GIGASTUDIO160 changes the volume very slowly. I mean I need fast switch on/off of the volume controller with 1/32 of the bar. But When prforming such switch my GIGA works too slowly and not cut hte not of instantly but producing some REALESE sound. The volume goes absolutly down after at least 1/16 or even 1/8. of a bar. Not immedeatly.

    (I have perfect overall latency. I use P3-550 on ASUS BX MB with 384 RAM and 2x30GIG 7200PRM HDDs on separate channels, SBLIVE! and GEFORCE2GTS installed. No problems with number of voices and other performance issues). Just such a strange volume control befaviour. I need such an effect of fast switching the volume of long sounding note for some dance and trance tracks.

    May be someone know what reason of the problem or could give me another piece of advice?

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    Re: VVVVery slow Volume Control

    Is your sequencer on the same PC?

    Midi is not a lightning fast medium. If you\'re sending on/off gating style volume changes at 32nd note intervals, maybe midi simply can\'t handle it as sharply as you need it. Have you tried the gating effect with your SBLive voices?

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