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Topic: Using short video shots from DVD's

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    Using short video shots from DVD\'s

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    In the next months I want to do a personal video project for a small group of people, intended as a gift, but also as a great production exercise for myself.

    The idea is to have a voice-over reciting a poem in 9 parts, which I will underscore myself at the end of the production. There will be 9 short scenes, plus some kind of begin and end titles.

    I want to build the video material for the scenes by collecting and editing snippets from commercial DVD\'s. So, it might be a 2 second short from movie 5 followed by 1 second from movie 16, etc. I do not intend to copy scenes, but only short, single shots (a village square, countryside images, some people walking around, hopefully some nice close-ups from interesting faces etc). All meant to accompany the poems.

    I also want to try to add new foley and fx, because I will be recutting a lot of the original shots and I need a more continuous sound track of course.

    Is this kind of quoting from commercial video projects objectionable or even illegal without written permission? Or is this more something like quoting as is often done in books, with a reference to the source? I intend to credit all movies of course in the end titles. Furthermore, this is not a commercial project, probably only some 20 to 50 copies on DVD or CD-Rom, as a gift (maybe material cost and handling). Estimate of total length is 10-12 minutes.

    Any suggestions or comments?


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    Re: Using short video shots from DVD\'s

    Actually, every frame is copyrighted, automatically. Copying them into your own production without permission is an infringement. It would be OK for personal use only, but if you are handing out 50 copies..

    I\'m not sure you can bank on permission always being granted (although my experience with this is only with music in different settings). I suppose if you went ahead without requesting permission anyway, the chances of being \"caught\" in this setting are minimal, and, I would have thought, the repercussions small. (Even with small projects I have preferred to alter them when permissions has been turned down, rather than venture over that line)

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    Re: Using short video shots from DVD\'s

    It\'s not for commercial use. Don\'t be so uptight. Just do it.

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