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Topic: Good microphone for woodwinds, brass...

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    Good microphone for woodwinds, brass...

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    Does anyone know of a good mic to use for recording instruments such as clarinet, sax, trumplet, violin? Preferably small diaphragm condenser.

    I\'ve thought about getting a Rode NT5 , but was wondering if anyone else had suggestions for good clarity, and rejection of sounds such as key/valve clicking.

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    Re: Good microphone for woodwinds, brass...

    If you\'re on a budget, you can\'t go wrong with a pair of Oktava MK019s. They\'re down to about $200 a pair at GC now, and they sound really good on most instruments - although I probably wouldn\'t use them on sax and trumpet. Large-diaphragm mics are usually better for those instruments.

    I haven\'t heard the Rødes, by the way, so I\'m not saying the Oktavas are better.

    If you want a mic that is going to sound good on anything, the Royer SF-1 ribbon mic is great. But it\'s $1000 or so.

    The clicking noise, etc. you mention is usually - not always, but usually - caused by the wrong compressor and compressor setting more than the mic, although bad placement (too close to a wall) can certainly have that effect.

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    Re: Good microphone for woodwinds, brass...

    Why did the software think I wanted to repeat myself?

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    Re: Good microphone for woodwinds, brass...

    I currently own a Rode NT1000 and NTK. I haven\'t gotten a chance to try out my sax yet. The NT1000 sounded very clear on clarinet, though I must admit.

    Some people make it sound as if though it\'s an absolote sin using a large diaphragm mic to record woodwinds. Would it, in anyone\'s opinion, really be that bad using a couple of rode NT1000\'s or NTK\'s to record a woodwind ensemble?

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    Re: Good microphone for woodwinds, brass...

    My wife gave me a Studio Projects C1 for Xmas and it sounds great. There was quite a bit of discussion about the Studio Projects mics in George Massenburg\'s forum at www.musicplayer.com. I\'d paste a link, but can\'t seem to get paste to function for the last 15 minutes. It\'s currently on page 2. Some of the comments there indicated the Studio Projects B1 is an excellent small diaghram instrument mic. When 4 or 5 different studios chime in on something there must be something to it. Heck at under $100 it\'s almost a worthy experiment to just buy one to try it out.

    Steve Chandler

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