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Topic: A MUST HEAR interview with Gore Vidal

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    A MUST HEAR interview with Gore Vidal

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    It\'s 20 minutes long and worth every part. The 16-17 minute area has some interesting things to say about the future with Syria and Iran.

    will it happen?

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    Re: A MUST HEAR interview with Gore Vidal

    Hi Marty,

    Certainly thought provoking. ALthough Vidal has always been outspoken - I don\'t ever recall this level of distain.

    I agree with his point about the dangers of evangelical thinking and how our gov\'s actions are reflecting such thinking. There is a flavor of over zealous patriotism in the U.S. which in part, allowed Iraq to happen. Sometimes our out of control patriotism reminds me somewhat of religious fanatics. We can only hope that the country\'s mood operates like the stock market, and we will soon undergo a healthy correction. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: A MUST HEAR interview with Gore Vidal

    And Gore Vidal with his assertiveness and straight-shot talk really make me think about the situation in the US now. Especially his no nonsense assertion that Syria and Iran ARE next according to sources he knows in the US gov\'t. (But most likely not until after 2004 election).

    A book known as Perpetual war for Perpetual Peace he describes having correspondence with Timothy McVey. He talks of McVey\'s innocence and the inside job of the Oklahoma bombing by the FBI. And McVey was determined to go all the way to death just to make a point of the absurdity of the situation in the US.

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    Re: A MUST HEAR interview with Gore Vidal

    I just read that, and it was very interesting. The part about it being a religious crusade on Bush\'s and Blair\'s parts seems a little tenuous to me - at least if you take it literally - but most of what he says sounds quite likely.

    And I don\'t consider him a screaming radical at all.

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