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Topic: What can you do with this melody?

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    What can you do with this melody?

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    Here it is.
    I have finally gone and done it. Thanks to Joanne and Alan .
    The Great \" What can you do with this melody challenge\" has begun!

    Here is a melody that you can twist bend and shape.

    The only rule is that you must state the original melody. This can be done in small variation as long as it is still recognizable.
    After that, variate away! Do what you want to it and go where you want.

    The more relevant your entire piece is to the melody , the higher your achievement in the challenge.

    Maybe instead of deciding on who has the best composition, I will just put all the names of the entrants in a hat, pick a name and they will win free beer.
    A six pack, I\'m buying.

    Disclaimer, I will send the winner a check in the amount of the going rate for a good six pack. It is up to the individual to decide if they are old enough to buy said six pack. If they are not old enough, they are to spend the money on what ever they choose.

    Here Is the midi file http://www.pac007.com/dwnloads/northcomp.mid

    Here is a Wma of it http://www.pac007.com/sounds/northcomp.wma

    We will see how much activity this gets, then I will determine a cut off date for entrants.

    Good luck, and may the luckiest composer win.

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    Re: What can you do with this melody?

    I am trying to avoid to many rules. I think this will give us a huge diverse showing of what can be done. However, it does seem we need some more guide lines of the non rules. LOL

    Timing may be changed. You may write in any style you want ! Just be sure that your statement of the theme is recognizable.

    The piece can be as long as you want.
    You may write in any key of your choosing.
    Major or minor included!
    (flexibility is diversity.)

    I agree with Joanne.
    Don\'t post your music yet.

    Doing this blind, will make it interesting to see how many people come up with the same idea.

    I will Set a date for every one to post their tunes.

    Ok, so get to writing.
    Top and foremost, lets have fun!

    I hope you can get your studio straightened out for this challenge.

    Any one interested in the history of this melody?

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    Re: What can you do with this melody?

    Any one interested in the history of this melody?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Yes , i am...

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    Re: What can you do with this melody?

    Hi 88fingers,

    Perfect melody for the task at hand. Listening, I could immediately hear what I would do with this. Would you be open to including in the game rules an adjustment of tempo?

    My workflow, system is such a mess with my upgrade efforts to Cubase/soft synths - my JV-1080 is not working with the new setup, so I\'m wondering how likely it is that I can participate.

    I hope you get some takers on this. Also wondering if it is better to have completed compositions emailed and then posted all at once?

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    Re: What can you do with this melody?

    The story,

    After Joanne and Alan gave me the inspiration to do this challenge, I set out to come up with a melody. I sat there for a second and tried to think of something. Nothing came to mind, so I turned and noodled on my keyboard for a second. No, nothing. Ah ha!
    I know what I\'ll do, I went out to the living room and grabbed one of my old sketch books, from when I use to write stuff on paper. One of these books must have a melody I can use. My Mom and Dad always said, \"Don\'t throw away any idea , you never know when you can use it.\" I hoped this was one of those occasions.

    The first book I picked up was one of my older note books. I opened to the first page and was sent back 16 years. My Parents encouraged me to always sign and date every thing I wrote. Smart people. I really appreciate this today. This piece was dated October 10th 1987.
    I sat down at the piano and started to play the first entry. Hmmmm. This sounds like a candidate. I thumbed through the book some more but went back to the first page. I think this is it.

    This tune was just written as an 8 measure melody. I never did anything with it and had forgotten all about it. I sat at the piano and improvised on this melody for almost 30 minutes. Yeah, I like this. It seems to have a huge array of possibilities. I don\'t want to give away any ideas of what to do with this piece, but I definitely improvised in ways that I thought many famous composers would treat it as well as my own style.

    And that is my happy little story of how I came up with the melody.

    Moral of the story?
    Listen to your parents!

    I hope this challenge is participated by many. It will be so cool to hear this forgotten melody brought to life, by so many talented people.

    I am starting to think that the winner of the draw will have to come up with the next melody. What do you all think?

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    Re: What can you do with this melody?

    What a story. It really is a perfect melody for endless possibilities. And so glad you did not add any harmony or couterpoint.

    I\'ve always heard that others can sometimes take a composer\'s melody and do better things than the original composer could. Logic I guess is that the composer is too close to the birth of the baby. Maybe this statement applies more to arrangement of a finished composition though.

    Must have been something finding that old note book.

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    Re: What can you do with this melody?

    In true christmas spirit,

    Sing words to frosty the snow man.

    There must have been, some magic in,
    that old manuscript he found, for,
    when he placed it on the piano, his fingers danced around.

    Oh.... 88, the nut case, was a very korny soul....... [img]graemlins/tounge_images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    uhhhhmmm. Excuse me, I got carried away.

    Finding the old note book has got me searching my old haunts for ideas. I had a bunch of melodys that I allways thought I could finish when I became a better writer.

    One example is a piano piece that I wrote when I was twelve. I just recently tuned it up and orchestrated it for female choir, strings and wind intruments.
    I haven\'t totally worked it to the point where I like it, but here it is any way. Just for entertainment value.


    Hope you enjoy.
    It needs work. [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

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    Re: What can you do with this melody?

    Cool story 88,

    I have finals this week out at school, but after that I have three weeks of vacation, so, we\'ll see what we can do with that old melody...!


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    Re: What can you do with this melody?

    Cool Alan,
    Glad to have you aboard.
    Any other takers out there?
    The more the merrier.

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