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Topic: MIDI playback nightmare!! Help!!!!

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    MIDI playback nightmare!! Help!!!!

    A few weeks ago I was running Gigastudio 160 and cakewalk on my PC (win98 installed with 98lite) and everything was flawless. I then upgraded to win98SE and installed without 98lite. Now when I play MIDI files in cakewalk, Giga has a horrible time. I will be playing a MIDI file with 6 tracks, max polyphony of around 40. Giga shows CPU and memory usage only around 15-20%. But what happens is notes get cut off and playback is choppy. For instance one of the tracks is string ensemble with long sustaining notes. But during playback the notes will come in and out. Very awful sounding. Really seems like something fundamentally wrong is happening. My system should be able to easily handle this playback (previously it did!). I have Delta1010, 256MB RAM, Athlon Thunderbird 800, Asus A7v board, 2 very fast IDE drives (one for audio one for apps), and have done everything that is suggested for optimizing an audio computer. I find it hard to believe that making a minor operating system changeover could have this type of effect. Damn, I converted this MIDI file to wav once no problem! Now I can\'t come close!

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    Re: MIDI playback nightmare!! Help!!!!

    When you switched to 98se, you didn\'t add any new harddrives or moved them around on the IDE channels or anything? I know that you can get very varying performance depending on whether your drives are master/slave and which IDE channel they are on. Also, try installing the IDE Busmaster Miniport driver for VIA chipsets instead of the VXD that normally gets installed (you can find the Busmaster installer at www.viahardware.com, click on the 4in1 logo to the left).

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