will be presenting a series of workshop style sessions on various topics relating to music production.

The first of this series starts Wednesday night // Thursday morning at 1am EST. Rhino Horn will be presenting Basic EQ topics, such as the basics of frequency response, equalizer fundamentals (types of EQ\'s, how they work), and fundamental frequencies (pitch-hz relationships).

The next night, Thursday // Friday morning, also at 1am EST, will include more advanced eq topics like EQ in the mix - using EQ to create vertical dimension in your mix, \"fitting\" complex mixes together with EQ, et cetera.

To attend:
If you have an IRC client, such as mIRC, simply connect to and join #sectionz.

If you don\'t, or aren\'t comfortable figuring it out, go to , where sz has a java IRC applet that automatically goes to the correct channel.

Again, the first session (Basic EQ topics) is Wed night/Thurs morning at 1am EST. The second (Advanced topics) will be the same time the following day. The session will start with a lecture type session, and will open up for a Q&A session afterwards.Any questions feel free to drop by the chatroom and ask.

Only one more thing. If you don\'t like SZ, or don\'t think Rhino knows anything, or don\'t have anything good to say, please do us all a favor and DON\'T reply to this thread, and DON\'T attend the session.

See you there!