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Topic: I'm going nuts! please help : - (

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    I\'m going nuts! please help : - (

    I have Giga studio. I recorded my acoustic nylon classic guitar note by note. I am trying to assign each note to corresponding key on the key board and I just can\'t seem to do it right. I recorded 5 notes per string ( open E, F, F#, etc....) How do I do this? I would really appreciate some assistance!

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    Re: I\'m going nuts! please help : - (

    First name each note according; for example:


    Then open the editor and make sure that the box is checked that says something like \"name from imported file name eg. C4\".

    Now create a new file and import your folder with the .wav\'s.

    Click the instrument wizard and follow the steps....

    Thats all there is to it....


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