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Topic: Virtual Orchestra Virtual Space

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    Virtual Orchestra Virtual Space

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    just wondering about why it is that Virtual Orchestra recordings emulate the Acoustic Space of a real orchestra

    for example Beethoven had no choice because everything in his time was played live within determined Acoustic enviroments

    but thats not true now with recordings
    so is this a limitation to our imaginations

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    Re: Virtual Orchestra Virtual Space

    I\'m not sure that\'s always the case. People have been using effects creatively for years in \"pop\" production - flanging reverb returns, using a delay triggered from one part to trigger gates on another, and so on.

    But if you\'re trying to emulate an orchestra, it usually wants a big space to have the magnitude a real orchestra has.

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    Re: Virtual Orchestra Virtual Space

    I think people who are buying orchestral libraries are looking for realism. If the engineers can capture the natural reverb of the hall it was recorded in then, theoretically, it would compliment the samples themselves. GOS has a very subtle natural verb. So subtle that after adding more verb and putting the strings in a finished score, I don\'t know if I\'d be able to tell the difference. However, using GOS for a quartet type piece, I think the natural verb really shows it\'s intent, to add realism to the samples, and that\'s one reason why I think GOS sounds so good.

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    Re: Virtual Orchestra Virtual Space

    This is an issue for me in my music. I have a piece that moves from electronic/synthetic spaces to orchestral/naturalistic. What I\'m aiming for is grandeur and I\'m not sure yet exactly the best way to achieve that. It just so happens that the kind of expression I\'m working on is generally found in classical music.

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