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Topic: disk imaging software and registration

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    disk imaging software and registration

    I am running GSt160 2.2 on a machine with a lan card. Try as hard as I might (this is an absolutely minimal machine with some free IRQs), I can\'t prevent the soundcard (audiophile 2496) sharing an IRQ with the lan card (actually an Intel chip on an Intel EA2 motherboard), if the lan card is enabled in the bios. This IRQ sharing seems to cause system instability (crashes).

    My plan was to use disk imaging software to switch between two images of the primary drive - one with GSt and no lan, and one with the lan but no GSt.

    But I have a hunch that backing up and later restoring a disk image is going to break the GSt registration. Am I right?


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    Re: disk imaging software and registration

    Disk imaging won’t spoil the GS registration, but would be a huge hassle for doing what you want to do.

    I’d first get in touch with MAudio to see if they have any suggestions. After all, having your LAN all the time would be the best way to go.

    Otherwise, If you set up two Hardware Profiles (System Properties), you can choose at bootup to go with the LAN card or without.

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    Re: disk imaging software and registration

    FWIW, I have ascertained that when using Gigastudio, restoring a disk image or using Norton\'s Speed Disk does not break the registration, as I gather that the rego is tied to the user and not to the machine configuration. This is a much better arrangement than for Gigasampler.

    As for the dual boot configuration, that is indeed an option, but I find such things cumbersome and I only need very occasional access to the network from the GSt machine.

    Besides, while you could turn off the ethernet card in the hardware configuration used for GSt, are you sure that you could turn off all the GSt elements in the hardware configuration for the ethernet card?


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    Re: disk imaging software and registration

    I had the same problem. It was more to do with the motherboard than anything else. I found that by putting the various cards into different physical slots on the board they were assigned different IRQs. It took a bit of trial and error but I eventually got there, and I have a PC with 2 soundcards, an AGP graphics card, a separate MIDI interface card, AND a LAN card. I managed to get them all on different IRQs (although I did have to disable a COM port, the printer port, and the USBs......!!)

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    Re: disk imaging software and registration

    Try looking in your motherboard manual (download one if you don\'t have a hard-copy):

    These normally show which slots share IRQs. Then you will have a good idea of which slots to use for the different cards.

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    Re: disk imaging software and registration

    See if you can disable onboard printer ports, serial ports, and USB (assuming you don\'t need them). Also you may just need to move your LAN card (or Audio card) to a different slot, as some motherboards always share between two certain slots no matter how many IRQ\'s are free (which is fine as long as the shared PCI slot is empty of course).

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