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Topic: velocity scaling in GSt 2.2

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    velocity scaling in GSt 2.2

    In the editor that comes with GSt2.2, in the \"Response | Velocity Response\" section, has anyone understood how the \"Curve Scaling\" works and how it interacts with \"Dynamic Range\"? The help function leaves it out completely, and the read me text file contains very little.

    Also I gather that the Trachtman adjustment for pianos, that allows midi velocities less than 27 to be played at roughly the correct volume, is no longer necessary, if you set dynamic range at the maximum. Anyone else found this?


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    Re: velocity scaling in GSt 2.2

    I have spent some time playing around with the velocity scaling parameter in the instrument editor that comes with GSt2.2. Boy, would a decent manual help!

    I gather that velocity scaling provides a much more graduated method of horizontally stretching or shrinking the velocity curve. The dynamic range parameter only provides a *very* rough method of doing this, and sets the base for the velocity scaling parameter to work on. Anyone got any better insights? It really does seem to be a matter of trial and error.

    And contrary to my earlier post, it seems that you do still need to apply the Trachtman adjustment to instruments that use a non-linear velocity curve in order to get quieter sounds than midi 27. Not only that, but in order to get this adjustment to work, your velocity scaling needs to be set correctly. The default vaule (zero), does not seem to give the correct effect.

    What would be nice would be the ability to set a velocity curve graphically.


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