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Topic: A little more on Depleted uranium

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    A little more on Depleted uranium

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    Not for the lighthearted but something to consider


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    Re: A little more on Depleted uranium

    Humans- Against Depleted Uranium Weapons
    Monsters- For Depleted Uranium Weapons
    We have no right to render parts of the earth permanently inhabitable. If I believed in a convential God, God would agree. Bush will tell you there is no proof, he also says there is no proof of global warming.
    I am not sure whether he believes that or whether he is lying, but either way his administration is at odds with ever other nation on the planet and 99.9% of the scientists on the planet. He must have taken some heavy science courses at Yale! Maybe he should carefully detonate one of those missiles on his Texas ranch as a test and see if his family gets sick.

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    Re: A little more on Depleted uranium

    Slightly OT but not really:

    Noam talks of how there are considerable more birth defects in south Vietnam than in North Vietnam. That in fact we were at war with the South and not the North as history would tell us. And the proof is in the massive amount of bombings and chemical warfare that we engaged in in the South to keep down public uprisings.

    In turns out that it is one of the most amazing \"controlled experiments\" (unplanned) to see the effects of chemical warfare (in this case agent orange) on people.

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