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Topic: Film Scoring Questions

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    Film Scoring Questions

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    Hello, my name is Elliott and I am striving to become a film composer. I own a Triton ST88 Workstation/Sampler and would like to know if someone in this forum would be kind enough to answer several questions I have when it comes to a home studio setup to practice film scoring. Thanks for your time.

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    Re: Film Scoring Questions

    Hi Elliott,

    I\'m sure alot of folks here would love to help you out. What is it specifically that you would like to know?


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    Re: Film Scoring Questions

    Thanks. Well, I should tell you upfront that I am technologically challenged. I want to setup a home studio where I can, with a small budget, practice putting music to film without using my computer. I own a Triton Studio 88 key Workstation/Sampler, some cables, and that is it. I do not know what equipment is needed to do this or if it is possible at all without using my PC. I\'m hoping that some of you with more experience can tell me if what I want to do is practical or not. Thanks.

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    Re: Film Scoring Questions

    I\'m pretty sure you\'d need a computer for that...

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    Re: Film Scoring Questions

    Elliott, in all sincerity you really should be learning how to make music on a computer. In the long run it will be easier, more efficient, more portable and probably cheaper too. Many established and older composers have been able to make the switch even coming from \"pen and paper\" backgrounds.

    Think of it this way, by the time you bought all of the needed outboard gear, mixing desk etc and learnt how to use it all, you could have been using a computer sequencer for months already.

    Even your Korg is a mini computer really, so if you can learn its interface there is no reason not to learn a sequencer.

    If you want to get into film, producers and directors pretty much expect to hear top quality midi mock-ups. Your Korg wont give you this on its own.

    Also, with a computer and sequencer, you\'ll be able to sync to picture that much easier if that is the career you want to pursue.

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    Re: Film Scoring Questions

    Your Triton probably has a internal sequencer, and is capable of reading MTC (midi time code). So, you would need a VCR tape with SMPTE on one side, and production (dialog,etc.) on the other. You would then feed the side with the SMPTE code into a MOTU MTP AV (midi time piece), and the MTPAV will convert the audio time code coming in into MTC, which would then go to your Triton, and what ever sequence you have written will (should) play back in sync to picture every time.

    This is the only way I know how to do this without a computer. This way of working is, however, about a decade old...and even then it was a poor man\'s work around. If you insist on working this way, I think a pencil, paper and stopwatch will be faster.

    Hope I helped.

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    Re: Film Scoring Questions

    Thank you everyone for your honest responses. It\'s not that I don\'t want to use a computer it\'s just that someone at my local guitar center told me that unless I can repair my computer when it breaks then do not revolve my composing around a computer, so that statement really intimidated me. I am still learning what my Korg Triton is capable of. Well then I will learn to work with a computer. Does anyone have any suggestions on which type Ishould get? MAC or PC? What software should I buy, etc. Basically I need an A to Z list of what I need because the salespeople at the Guitar Center are too busy to take their time with me. Thanks again. Elliott

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    Re: Film Scoring Questions


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    Re: Film Scoring Questions

    JudasCloud, you perhaps you didn\'t see this, but people recommend the Echo for its price:


    Elliott, it is more a question what software you want to use, what features and options you want to have, how much money you want to spend (there is no limit once you started). Composing can be done on either Mac or PC, as software and samplers are availible for both. Sorry, there is no general buy-this-and-be-Hans-Zimmer-path.

    And wow, I think your local guitar center should re-think if they want to sell anything or not. [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]

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    Re: Film Scoring Questions

    Originally posted by PolarBear:
    And wow, I think your local guitar center should re-think if they want to sell anything or not. [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img]
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">No - GC wants to sell him a separate mixing desk, and outboard effects, and a hardward based sequencer, and a drum module, and sounds modules, and on and on... [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Seriously - go to http://www.dawbox.com/ and get a good, cheap, tweaked system and get them to insatll the applications to go on it and focus on the music. You won\'t be sorry.

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