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Topic: Kompakt Samples

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    Kompakt Samples

    Someone asked earlier about the quality of the Kompakt sample library. Last night I threw together this demo using only the samples that came with Kompakt:


    The following samples were used:

    Angels nonvib oo-oh
    Bluejay percussion
    African percussion
    Cello Arco
    Violins Pizzicato
    Large String Section
    Fazioli Piano
    Fretless King bass

    Tracks were recorded live into Vegas 4 and mixed using Sonic Foundry reverb on various tracks. This is a rough draft.

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    Re: Kompakt Samples

    Wow, thanks Rob! So kind of you to go to the trouble.

    Some nice stuff there - especially the cello and congas.

    Looking over the list again, I was attracted to the inclusion of some of the Quantum Leap Brass samples, which I\'ve heard and would be interested in. How do you find the included brass and saxes? Are they comprehensive enough to get a decent, varied small-band sound? Or would I probably need to end up buying the whole QLB anyway?

    Thanks again for your help.

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    Re: Kompakt Samples

    What -- you post this crap in two places? Take your Kompakt and go home, loser.

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    Re: Kompakt Samples

    That\'s out of order. Rob took the trouble to do this demo and post it here in response to a question of mine on this forum, which was very kind of him.

    Presumably, he then thought that since the question really concerns sample libraries, his demo might be of interest to those on the sample library forum. Obviously with a big site like this it will not always be clear where things belong. I know dual-posting is generally frowned upon, but in this case there is a clear reason for it (and he did mention on the other forum that it had already been posted here - its not like it was some sneaky spamming or something).

    What a nasty comment about a simple act of kindness.

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    Re: Kompakt Samples


    very cool song, and good useage of the kompakt sounds.

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    Re: Kompakt Samples

    Thanks Ouch & Prof. And JoeJoe apparently had a change of heart in the other forum, so... whatever. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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